Jennifer Aniston has been wrongly reported pregnant more times than anyone else when it comes to celebrity rumors. The first reports date back to 1999, when she began dating Brad Pitt after the world fell in love with her on Friends. Since then, over 55 stories from both inside and outside the United States have been published regarding her pregnancy. The actress addressed the “hurtful and downright horrible” rumors that continue to plague her in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.


In early interviews, Aniston indicated interest in having children, and the world pressed her with rumors or claimed she picked her “business” instead. “I used to take it all very personally,” the actress told the magazine, “the pregnancy rumors and the entire ‘Oh, she chose career over kids’ assumption.” The star of Horrible Bosses went on to say that no one knows what’s going on with her emotionally or physically. “It’s like, ‘You have no idea what’s wrong with me personally, physically, why I can’t… can I have children?'” She stated, “They don’t know anything, and it was incredibly cruel and just terrible.”

Aniston’s pregnancy rumors have evolved over time, but they are frequently prompted by the same things: when she wears baggy clothes, when she enters a new relationship, and when a relationship ends. And, as she gets older, the speculations have grown to include words like “surrogacy” and “miracle.” Rumors have also spread on social media from tabloids. “What tabloids and the media did to people’s private lives back then, ordinary people are doing today [on social media].” I haven’t seen a tabloid in a long time. Is it true that I’m still expecting twins? “At 52, am I going to be the miracle mother?” she wondered.

“Men can be married as many times as they want, and they can marry women in their 20s or 30s,” the Morning Show host continued, pointing out the gender divide. “Women are not permitted to do so,” she stated. “By the way, men in their 30s are not the same as men in their 40s and 50s. Even in their late twenties.”

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