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Billy Porter slams Vogue for its clothing cover featuring Harry Styles.

Billy Porter isn’t in the mood for a watermelon sugar high.

The 52-year-old “Pose” actor slammed Vogue’s choice to appoint Harry Styles, 27, the magazine’s first male cover star — and to style him in a dress — last year.

Styles made waves when he donned a Gucci gown on the cover of the December 2020 issue of Vogue, garnering plaudits from high-profile commentators such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Porter, on the other hand, claims he was not a fan.

The actor, who has a long history of wearing frocks on the red carpet, is chastising Vogue for choosing a white cisgender heterosexual guy for the landmark cover.

Porter told the Sunday Times this weekend, “I transformed the game.” “And that isn’t ego; that is simply fact.” I was the first to do it, and now everyone else is doing it as well.

“I have the impression that the fashion industry has welcomed me because they have no choice.” I’m not convinced, and here’s why: I started the dialogue, yet Vogue still featured Harry Styles, a straight white male, in a dress for the first time on their cover.”

Porter has been rocking frocks on the red carpet for years.

Porter claimed he was criticizing Vogue rather than Styles.

“I’m not trying to drag Harry Styles into this, but he’s the one you’re going to use to represent this new conversation?” He posed the question rhetorically.

“He doesn’t give a damn; he just does it because it’s the right thing to do. For me, politics is a way of life. This is the story of my life. I had to fight my entire life to get to the point where I could go to the Oscars in a gown and not get shot. He only needs to be white and straight.”

Porter’s statements have elicited no response from Styles.

After wearing the outfit for Vogue, the singer of “Sign of the Times” caused a lot of buzz.

“There is no civilization that can survive without strong men,” conservative commentator Candace Owens tweeted. The East is well aware of this. It is not a coincidence that our guys are gradually becoming more feminine at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children in the West. It’s a direct assault. “Return the macho men.”

Meanwhile, in a wide-ranging interview with the Sunday Times, Porter, who has been married to Adam Porter-Smith since 2017, spoke honestly about his sex issues.

The actor claims he is only now learning how to have sex without the need of alcohol after being mistreated by his stepfather.

“I hadn’t had sex in 30 years since I’d been sober.” I’ve never had sex when I’ve been sober. Right now, at 52 years old, I’m starting to figure out how to achieve it. It is not simple. My husband is patient, but he has had to learn with me.”

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